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General Information
Eaglecard has been created for the special needs of players of card games in Tolkien fantastic world: Middle Earth CCG and LOTR LCG.
I myself am a dedicted player of those games, and I am also involved in many international activities. So if you want to know anything about the game, I might be able to help you (at least by telling you someone else who will help you). Just donīt hesitate to write me an email to eaglecard@gmx.at.
You wonīt find any common, uncommon or fixed cards in the lists at Eaglecard (with a few exceptions as indicated). If you are interested in purchasing such, just tell me, what you are interested in.

Now good luck for your shopping tour!
Search for the articles by navigating through the menu of categories and subcategories.
If you have found what you are looking for, click on details.
There you will find some more informations about the article (including availability) as well as a button to add this article to the shopping cart.
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In the shopping cart you find all the articles you have added during your shopping tour.
You can still delete and/or change the number of articles.
If you have made any changes, click Recalculate Order afterwards.
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There are four steps to make an order.
First you have to enter your address.
Then you have to enter the shipping and payment method.
Third you have to check all the informations once more.
If everything is okay, click Submit Order. The order will be sent to us then, and you will receive a confirming email telling you the final costs including shipping and payment fees (paypal, moneybookers).
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For any order we need your personal address as well as a valid e-mail address.
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Shipping and Payment

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Once more all informations about your order are listed in one lump.
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If everything is okay, click Submit Order.
Then the order will be sent to us, and you will receive a confirming e-mail telling you the final costs including shipping and payment fees (paypal)
Terms of Sale
Terms of Sale

Strubergasse 51/11
5020 Salzburg
Tel: 0043/699/11156113
E-mail: eaglecard@gmx.at
Homepage: www.eaglecard.org

Minimum Order: There is a 5 Euro minimum per order

Shipping And Handling: Shipping is calculated according to the weight of the products you order.
Letters are always shipped via registered airmail and parcels only insured. However you may decide not to use this service. Any loss or damage is at your risk then.
for more details you can contact us at eaglecard@gmx.at.

Prices and Taxes: All prices are final prices. All items are sold privately, so no tax is included, nor will be included later.
We do not charge any sales tax to foreign customers. However, if you are a resident outside the EU it is likely that your country's customs office will charge import tax, duty, VAT/TVA, or all three. If you are not familiar with your country's importing laws and taxes, we encourage you to contact your local customs office before you order.
Also make sure, that any transfer fees are covered by your account.

Payment Options: Only pre-payment is accepted. There are two possibilities for you to make a payment: banktransfer or paypal.

1) International customers can pay making a banktransfer to
Bank: Raiffeisen Umweltcenter Gunskirchen
BIC (SWIFT address): RZOOAT2L129
IBAN: AT62 3412 9000 0021 8115
Accountholder: Wolfgang Penetsdorfer

2) You can pay via Paypal www.paypal.com sending the money to my paypal-ID: eaglecard@gmx.at.
There will be 0,35 + 3,5% for fees added to the final amount for Paypal fees.

Stock Availability: We try to keep the on-line inventory as current as possible. We will always e-mail you with confirmation of your order. We pick the cards and set them aside on a first-come, first-served basis. We accept orders via email or telephone as well as via the website.
In the event of a shortage, your bill will be reduced accordingly.